Nov 14, 2017

All I Want for Christmas by Sandra D. Bricker (ePUB)

All I Want for Christmas by Sandra D. Bricker (ePUB)

All I Want for Christmas: A Novella (Sleigh Bells Ring) Kindle Edition
by Sandra D. Bricker ePUB

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Santa Claus is coming to town. And if Joanna has anything to say about it, so are her sisters.

Admittedly, Joanna’s Christmas list reads more like a to-do list: Ready the family horse farm to sell. Check. Convince her older sisters to pretty-please-with-sugar-cookies-on-top come home for one last holiday at the homestead. Check. And maybe . . . even be wrapped up in the hired hand’s arms? Reality check.

It will take a miracle to get Jed to see her that way.

But it is Christmas. Miracles are known to happen. And who knows? Maybe the greatest time of year will be the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Now that would be the best present she could ask for: a merry Christmas and a happy rest of her life.

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