Jan 26, 2018

Backdrop by C.G. Cooper, Logan Taylor


Backdrop by C.G. Cooper, Logan Taylor

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What do you get when you throw a Marine at Hollywood? Major Bartholomew “Andy” Andrews just stepped in it. The Marine has been dispatched by his CIA superior, the sly and secretive Kingsley Coles, to Hollywood, California, in order to recruit spies and investigate a possible terrorist infiltration on the set of a blockbuster feature film. When the film’s major investor is poisoned at a posh Hollywood party, Prince Mansour bin Saladin al Saud, heir to the Saudi throne, steps in as benefactor and moves the production to his home country.

Things are suspicious enough, but when the helicopter transporting Andy, the prince, and the film’s principle cast and crew goes down near their shooting location, Andy and company are forced to take refuge within the ruins of an ancient castle. Little do they know, the mastermind behind the ambush is the sadistic terrorist, Al-Salakhi.

Now, Andy must transform the band of Hollywood prima donnas into a well-oiled fighting machine, and stave off hordes terrorist soldiers, all the while trying to determine who among them is the traitor who sold them out.

Can they escape the castle, foil the vicious terrorist, and restore the prince to safety? Or will treachery within their ranks bring them down first?

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BACKDROP is the first story in the new Corps Justice spinoff series, Stars & Spies.

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