Nov 15, 2017

Billionaire Hunt by Summer Cooper (ePUB)

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Billionaire Hunt by Summer Cooper (ePUB)

Billionaire Hunt (Billionaire Matchmaker)
by Summer Cooper ePUB

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His face was illuminated by the full moon and I tried not to stare at his lips. I think I must have failed as he gave me a knowing smile. I forced myself to meet his eyes as he said, “I’ll call you soon, Misha. And Oliver was right, I would have regretted not seeing you tonight.”

Erik is on the hunt for the perfect woman…not for love…but for his secret little project.

When introduced to Misha, he knows she could be the one. Someone who’s lost everything, someone who could do with the money he has to offer… If only he could separate business and pleasure!

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Author’s Note: This is a standalone novel of 50,000 words, part of the Billionaire Matchmaker Series which can be read in any order. This book includes scenes that will make you blush, intended for adults only! For a limited time, this book will include bonus stories to extend your reading pleasure.

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