Jan 23, 2018

Book 1: Realm of the Death Cult by Lennox Brown

Book 1: Realm of the Death Cult by Lennox Brown

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Winston knew the teapot was trouble. Its ability to transport one to other realms had made him the target of a mysterious death cult that would stop at nothing to get it. Now there was only one way for a vampire PI like him to outrun them: use it.

Maggie knew the teapot was freedom. It was the key to escaping the tedium of her life as a witch-for-hire on the streets of East London. But it also meant confronting a past she’d thought was long buried, a past that began and ended with Winston.

Timir knew the teapot was hope. He spent his life serving those with money and power, but even they could not stop the cult that threatened his world. Now it seemed Winston and Maggie, the most powerless people he knew, might be the only ones who could help.

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