Jan 11, 2019

Burned: A Story of a Murder and the Crime that Wasn’t by Edward Humes

Burned: A Story of a Murder and the Crime that Wasn’t by Edward Humes 

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On an April night in 1989, three young children perished in a tragic Los Angeles house fire.

Their mother, Joann Parks, couldn’t save them but did manage to escape with her own life. She was of course bereft.

With emotions exploding her husband accused her of abandoning the children at the scene of the fire when he arrived.

It was soon determined that a worn extension cord was the cause of the tragedy. But then doubts arose. As firefighters investigated further, they came to believe that the fire was the result of arson, a heinous crime committed by a wicked young woman who, they argued, had never really wanted to be a mother.

Joann Parks was tried and convicted and has languished in prison for the last twenty-five years.

But now, as certain investigative methods from that era have been debunked, a pair of young lawyers from the Innocence Project have come to believe that Joann was wrongfully convicted, and that the fire might not have even been caused by arson at all.

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