Jan 25, 2018

Dixie Victorious by Peter G. Tsouras

Dixie Victorious: An Alternate History of the Civil War by Peter G. Tsouras

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Based on a series of fascinating What ifs” posed by leading military historians, this intriguing new alternate history reconstructs moments during the American Civil War which could conceivably have altered the entire course of the war and led to a Confederate victory.

Commencing with real battles, actions and characters, each scenario has been carefully constructed to reveal how at points of decision a different choice or minor incident could have set in motion an entirely new train of events altering history forever.

What if Sherman was stalled outside Atlanta, and Lincoln lost the crucial 1864 election? Or if Stuart’s Cavalry at Gettysburg arrived in time to give Lee the freedom of operation he lacked in reality?

These and many more convincing scenarios are played out against the dramatic and colorful backdrop of this critical and bloody era of American history.

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