May 12, 2018

How to Be Human by Paula Cocozza

How to Be Human by Paula Cocozza

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From Guardian writer Paula Cocozza, a debut novel of the breakdown of a marriage, suburban claustrophobia, and a woman’s unseemly passion for a fox

One summer’s night, Mary comes home from a midnight ramble to find a baby lying on her back door step.

Has Mary stolen the baby from next door?

Has the baby’s mother, Mary’s neighbor, left her there in her acute state of post-natal depression?

Or was the baby brought to Mary as a gift by the fox who is increasingly coming to dominate her life?

So opens How to Be Human, a novel set in a London suburb beset by urban foxes.

On leave from work, unsettled by the proximity of her ex, and struggling with her hostile neighbors, Mary has become increasingly captivated by a magnificent fox who is always in her garden.

First she sees him wink at her, then he brings her presents, and finally she invites him into her house.

As the boundaries between the domestic and the wild blur, and the neighbors set out to exterminate the fox, it is unclear if Mary will save the fox, or the fox save Mary.

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