May 18, 2018

Lightning Lost by Miranda Hardy

Lightning Lost by Miranda Hardy

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A powerful love unleashes a devastating storm. Thera craved normalcy… a chance to live a life filled with generosity, peace, and love. Greed, and the need for power, consumed the people closest to her, the ones who were supposed to protect her. Presented with the choice to show kindness and strength, to usher in an era of reconciliation and prosperity, the leader of the Roma, Thera’s father, choose a selfish, immoral path… one that would plague his people for thousands of years. Elysia’s being hunted. Her gift is the key to breaking the Roaming Curse, but others are bound to protect it at all costs. Confused and scared, she’ll have to learn from the history of her people in order to save them from annihilation. Loyalties are tested, and she’s unsure they are worthy of saving. Her time is running out. The past and present collide, threatening a destruction of catastrophic proportions, not only for the Roma, but also for their Hunters.

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