Jan 11, 2018

Rise of the Fallen by Brian Rella

Rise of the Fallen by Brian Rella

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Jessie and her army massacre the military, turning battalions of troops into soulless savages. A madman and his demon horde devour thousands of people in New York City. The war between the Watchers and the Fallen is here, and the world is on brink of destruction…

The time for training the Chosen One is over. The fight for the land of the living is on, and the world will descend into darkness under the Fallen’s rule unless Frank Bishop and the Chosen One can stop them.

In the West, Jessie and her army cross the desert, destroying everything in their path to find the Stone of Serr’rah and free Nalsuu from the Second Death. Together, they will rule the Earth as King and Queen, and reshape the world in their dark vision.

But a madman has his own plans for world domination. His demon horde takes a huge bite out of the Big Apple, and there’s no way he’s bending his knee for some wannabe king and his queen bitch.

Rise of the Fallen is Book Three in Brian Rella’s action-packed horror and dark fantasy series, The Second Death.

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