Jan 17, 2018

Savage Betrayal: A Dark Urban Guardians Fantasy by Anni Antoni

Savage Betrayal: A Dark Urban Guardians Fantasy by Anni Antoni

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An abiding love. An epic betrayal. One bloody path to redemption.
He has a dark secret. But sometimes, memories—like a story desperate to be told—claw their way free…
As a newly created Guardian, deposited in Dark-Age Europe, Joe served an itinerant metal-smith’s family, and fell deeply in love—until a treacherous prince used that love to force him to commit the most unforgivable of sins.
Robbed of everyone he ever loved, stripped of his Guardian status, Joe turns avenging angel, leaving a gory trail of payback in his wake. But one ray of hope pierces his torment…a path to redemption through the deepest, darkest pits of the Underworld, where he’ll drown in a river of blood—or wear it like a badge of honor.
If you enjoy dark secrets, you’ll love Savage Betrayal because not only is Joe’s secret past laid bare, you’ll witness his heroic struggles against overwhelming odds.
Get your copy of Savage Betrayal now, to walk with Joe on his heroic path of betrayal and redemption.

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