Feb 22, 2019

Signs & Symbols by Miranda Bruce-Mitford

Signs & Symbols. An Illustrated Guide to Their Origins and Meaning by Miranda Bruce-Mitford

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Why is a flag at half-mast a symbol of mourning?

Why do brides in the West traditionally wear white, while Asian cultures associate this color with death?

Discover answers to these and other mystifying questions in Signs & Symbols, a fully-illustrated guide that helps unlock the secret language of the signs, symbols, and traditions around us.

A rich source of information for readers of all ages, this book is divided into two sections, first looking at major sources of symbols (basic shapes, colors and numbers, the natural world), then, placing symbols in context of mythologies and religions, the human life cycle, people and culture, and symbol systems.

Clear cross-referencing illuminates connections between symbols, while beautiful artwork and photography make this a collector’s edition to treasure.

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