Jul 17, 2018

Spanish Short Stories For Beginners by Charles Mendel PDF

Spanish Short Stories For Beginners: More Than 500 Short Stories in 10 Easy to Read Stories by Charles Mendel AZW3, PDF

This book contains 10 enjoyable short stories of about 1,000 words each along with their respective vocabulary lists of relevant words translated into English.

Each story also includes instructions on how to start reading them, improve your comprehension skills, and figure out the vocabulary before consulting the glossaries.

In this book you will find:

Carefully chosen vocabulary to help you learn in an easy, fast, and enjoyable way.

The new words are repeated in the subsequent texts. You will eventually get to the point where you won’t need to look them up in the list: imagine the instantaneous full satisfaction!

Strategically written stories for you to acquire vocabulary belonging to different thematic fields: food, animals, clothes, body parts, colors, family members, climate, and school.

This is a pedagogically proven method to learn a second language.

Fully effective educational processes underlying the different grammatical and lexical choices all across the book.

Many genres, including texts with properties of narratives, plays, scripts, or even interior monologues. This allows for a wide range of uses in grammar: tenses, word formation, and verb types.

Easy to understand Spanish grammatical structures.

Glossaries translated by a professional. Find the different meanings one word can have as you go on reading.

Various styles with traits of:

  • Impressionism: learn about colors, nuances and climate.
  • Expressionism: learn how to express your feelings.
  • Symbolism: immerse into a world full of metaphors that share the same domain, creating semantic relations in your brain whilst you read.
  • Transcendentalism: learn about nature and technology.

Enjoyable themes concerning family, friendship, love, social relationships, technology, nature, and society, i.e. globally extended concerns you will be able to talk about in another language and speak your mind freely and accurately with no language difficulties.

Useful vocabulary related to the common purposes behind the willing of learning a new language, such as traveling, landscapes, means of transport, legal procedures, or food.

Unexpected ends that will trigger a wide range of feelings, including happiness, joy, pride, and even a couple of stories with an open end that you can intuitively discover with hints back in the story and will probably keep you thinking for a while.

Stories written by an actual bilingual native Spanish speaker.

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