Nov 14, 2017

The Countess Of Assis by Joao Paulo Foschi (ePUB)

The Countess Of Assis by Joao Paulo Foschi (ePUB)

The Countess Of Assis – Romance, revenge and ambition during the Second Reign Kindle Edition
by Joao Paulo Foschi (Author),‎ Vanusa Sobrinho (Translator) ePUB

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Rio de Janeiro. XIX century.
During the grand ball at the Cassino Fluminense, Lorena Duarte Valão is simply another one of many marriage-seeking young ladies at the Court of emperor D. Pedro II.

However, what nobody can imagine is that this young lady of extraordinary beauty and full of romantic ideals is also an ambitious social climber who wants to ascend socially no matter the price.

She is among the nobility of this regal event, when she meets the gallant Rafael Abrantes once again, and an overpowering passion emerges, which will end up consuming her in an uncontrolled conquering game.

However, what the young lady didn’t expect was that another renowned guest, the aristocrat Atílio Santiago, the Count of Assis, was completely in love with her, forming an intriguing love triangle that will radically change the lives of all those involved.

After surrendering herself to Rafael’s seduction and being rejected by him, Lorena will initiate a revenge plan to destroy the man who rejected her, even if, in the process, she will have to lie, betray or even kill…

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