Jan 31, 2018

The Healthy Living Space by Richard Leviton

The Healthy Living Space: 70 Practical Ways to Detoxify the Body and Home by Richard Leviton

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Science shows that nearly every corner of our planet is toxic, and that all people carry residues of dozens of chemicals in their cells. Our body, our home, and our world are steadily sickening us every day of our lives.

But we don’t have to live in a poisoned world, and we don’t have to be sick.

We can have a healthy living space again by detoxifying our body and home, ridding both of their burden. The key is to cleanse both at the same time. The Healthy Living Space is the first book that shows you how, and why, to detoxify your home and body together.

In The Healthy Living Space health writer and alternative medicine journalist Richard Leviton gives 70 practical steps on how to use safe, proven, nontoxic, self-care methods drawn from the fields of natural and alternative medicine.

The detoxifying steps are backed by science and easy to use; they don’t require expensive equipment or a doctor’s supervision. They’re effective and produce results and you can start them today.

Whether the poisons are in your liver and intestines or in your carpets and drinking water, whether the problem is the shape of your bedroom or radon seeping into your basement, The Healthy Living Spacewill show you how to get the poisons out of your life and the health back into it.

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