Feb 26, 2018

The Shadows of Dark Root by April Aasheim

The Shadows of Dark Root by April Aasheim

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From The Wandering Witch (circa 1892)

In the beginning there was only darkness.
And then the Goddess, in her infinite wisdom, gave us light.
But in those moments when she separated the light from the darkness, she created shadow.
Formed by her divine hands, the shadow grew.
And grew.
Larger than our own world and without the limitations.
Though mortal eyes cannot see the shadow realm, it coexists alongside our own.
It is the realm of dreams and fantasy, of faerie and imp, demon and angel, nightmares and madness.
It is the bridge between the past, the present, and the future.
It is the divide between the living and the dead.
It is The Netherworld.
One gate opens to the next.
Beware of the false lure of this shadow world.
For most who wander in, even witches, are never heard from again.

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