May 26, 2018

The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder by Whit Wirsing

The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder by Whit Wirsing

PDF | Foreign Languages | 15.9 MB

Get instant access to thousands of common Spanish phrases

As you know it is next to impossible to deduce the Spanish equivalents of common English phrases such as “take a break” or “have an idea” using only a bilingual dictionary.

That’s where The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder comes in.

Containing 37,000 common phrases and idiomatic expressions in each language,

The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Finder gives you invaluable guidance on phrase construction, along with a range of synonyms to choose from.

Examples–including common proverbs and book and movie titles–provide you with vivid illustrations of how specific word combinations are used in everyday contexts in Spain and Latin America.

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