Oct 17, 2017

The Tyrant by Jacques Chessex (ePUB)

The Tyrant by Jacques Chessex, Martin Sokolinsky (Translation) ePUB

Winner of France’s most prestigious literary award, the Prix Goncourt. “Page after page of rich prose, reflecting the essence of life—a wonderful meditation on death.”—L’Express “A disturbing novel, a poignant juxtaposition of life and death, landscapes and short thoughts, obsessed by the father’s role in a son’s life.

A novel to be devoured in one go.”—Le Monde “American readers of A Jew Must Die will quickly understand why Chessex was honored with the Goncourt. Read him for the historical context and for the sheer beauty of his prose.”—Booklist A haunting work, reminiscent of Albert Camus, that portrays with exquisite psychological detail the emotional crisis in the life of Jean Calmet, a young Swiss schoolteacher. As we watch the father’s cremation in the opening chapter, we sense that, even though his father’s body has been reduced to ashes, his spirit survives to haunt Jean. His father’s prodigious vitality and virility had crushed his family and ruined his son’s childhood. Even after his father’s death, Jean cannot be free.

The parental ogre’s actions continue to suck Jean into a vortex of despair. Jacques Chessex, a giant of Swiss literature, won the Grand Prix de la langue française and was awarded the Grand Prix Jean Giono for his entire work. Bitter Lemon Press published his novels The Vampire of Ropraz and A Jew Must Die to high acclaim. He died in 2009 at age seventy-five.

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